Erectile Dysfunction  or Impotence
is sexual dysfunction defined as the persistent inabilty to attain or maintain as erection sufficient to permit satisfactory sexual performance Dr Farooq Nasim Bhatti has presented his research papers on curtive treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction a sexual dysfunction . Less erection and less ejaculation time are most common sexual complaints by patients after 10 weeks of treatment normal sexual function are restored for rest of life and patient remains pill free . For more details Click here .

18 thoughts on “Erectile dysfunction

  1. Hi,

    I have problems like less sexual desire, difficulty in achieving and maintaining erection and less ejaculation time.


  2. Hi
    I have a problem of erecting.
    I have difficulty in maintaining erecting.
    I loses erecting as I going to do intercourse

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have difficulty in achieving and maintaining erection as i had before, specially when i use delaying spray for intercourse. without spray my time is less then a minute. I hope you will help me in this issue. Anxiously waiting for your answer for both issue, i.e, erection and less intercourse time.


  4. Hi Doc… i have a erection problem last 10 years i am doing masterbets now my pains like carve its possible my pains become normal condition and full erection like normal man..may age is 28 now please tell me if you have solution plz reply me ..

  5. ED patient
    Initially Sidenerill tab work now dont
    Diabetic and high blood pressure patient. Underwent intermittent strokes take medication
    But no sex life
    Want to install 3 piece pump penile implant through surgery
    Total cost

  6. is it possible to discuss online for treatment over phone? I am too away from its location. Can pay fees in advance using any of your preferred payment methods.

  7. Dear Dr I am 35 years old. I am married. I have lost my life using hand practice. Now, pinus size is 2.5 only. Zero hardness. Timing less than 5 seconds. I am too much worried. Is there any cure available?????

  8. I would have visited him but his reviews on Google Maps are so bad I decided not visit him. Lack of positive reviews begs the question: if he is as good as he claims to be.

  9. penis was cut an accident then i traetmint from isb he do a surgery taken a meat from arm but this time no standinding any option

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