Masturbation treatment in Pakistan, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Karachi. 

THE MINDSET IS THAT MASTURBATION IS A TABOO AND CAUSE OF SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION (ED, PE, etc. ). Many believe it leads to sexual dysfunction and causes infertility. However, there is no basis for such belief. Moreover, Dr Farooq has done extensive work on sexual dysfunctions and what causes it. To understand more about sexual dysfunctions; the causes and treatments, there is research available.

Additionally, a detailed study on masturbation as a cause of sexual dysfunction ( impotence ) in our conservative Muslim society of Pakistan is presented by Dr. Farooq Nasim Bhatti in international conferences on sexual medicinal treatment. For more details click here


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  1. aoa doctor sab

    ya jo app nay tariqaa batyaà hai ess par kitnaaa rupees lagaain gaay aur kiya ess say sari pdoblem solve hoo jain gi

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