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What is Natural Pregnancy?

A natural pregnancy occurs when a couple engages in unprotected sexual intercourse. It is the union between male sperm and female egg. When trying to conceive naturally; couples increase their chances by engaging in ovulation monitoring with timely intercourse. However, for many couples that is not possible. On the other hand for infertile couples, who have been trying to conceive but are unable to, there are alternative assistive pregnancy methods available. These methods include IUI treatment and IVF treatment.

Dr Farooq’s effort for IUI treatment

Dr Farooq Nasim Bhatti got his training in assisted reproductive technology (ART) from LPPKN Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 1997.  Likewise, the IUI treatment has been provided at Nasim Fertility Center, Lahore, Islamabad, and Faisalabad since they were established in 1997.  It is not an overstatement to say that Dr Farooq introduced this procedure to the laypeople of Pakistan when he opened his first clinic. The first IUI baby was born by assisted reproduction technology IUI method in the early months of 2000. However, this process was initiated for trial in the late 18th century. 

Over the years it has been proven as a suitable assisted mode of reproduction for semi fertile couples. It is further recommended as a mode of conception in Islamic states accordingly. IUI was developed and intended for infertile couples. Couples who could not conceive naturally consequently due to low sperm count, low sperm motility, and unexplained infertility.

Overall it is a less expensive and less painful treatment in terms of IVF.

What is IVF & IUI?

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

It is a technique that allows a couple to conceive a baby with medical assistance. Most importantly, it was designed for infertile couples that are incapable of conceiving on their own. In the IVF treatment process, a healthy egg is removed from the woman’s ovaries and is then fertilized with the healthy male sperm in a confined space or a laboratory. It is a complicated procedure that requires an absolutely controlled environment. 

The fertilized egg or the embryo is then placed back into the woman’s womb to grow, develop as the natural process allows. It is a very calculated procedure that requires determination and commitment. Couples that have been suffering from infertility have seen miracles with IVF procedures.

ivf treatment in lahore

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

This is the most affordable form of assisted reproduction treatment. It’s one of the first methods assisted reproduction methods that were developed for infertile couples that require medical help in conceiving a baby. It is a less costly procedure compared to IVF (In vitro fertilization) Treatment. Whereas, it also follows a different, less complicated approach and is acceptable in religious states.

In conclusion IUI a simple and easy treatment. Then healthy and motile male sperm is collected and is placed in the woman’s uterus with the help of a medical catheter, designed for IUI. 

Moreover, this procedure aims to increase the number of healthy sperm that are able to reach the Fallopian tube. Hence in due course can achieve successful fertilization. In conclusion, it is proven that resting on the table for fifteen minutes after an IUI is optimal for the woman to increase the pregnancy rate.


  • Natural Cycle – This does not include medicinal intake.
  • Trigger Cycle – Medication is required to trigger ovulation for a specific time and optimal time of insemination.
  • Oral Medication Cycle – Then oral medication is prescribed to enhance egg development. As a result finally obtain ovulation.
  • Injectable Medication Cycle – The injectable medication subsequently stimulates the ovaries further compared to oral medication. Henceforth the chances of conception are higher.

iui treatment in lahore 


  • Cost-Effective
  • More number of Trials
  • More number of Trials
  • Less invasive Procedure
  • Shorter Process



For the average couple who undergo IUI with a post-wash total motile sperm count of at least 9 million. The chances of a clinical pregnancy with one IUI cycle using “washed sperm” was 16.9 per cent. Furthermore if the count was above 9 million the same chances of success were observed.  In other words, it didn’t matter if the sample used for insemination had 9 million, 10 million, or 20 million moving sperm, success rates didn’t increase further.

However, for patients with sperm counts on the lower end of the spectrum; success rates steadily fell as the sperm count decreases from 9 million.

Total Motile Sperm Count (millions) Number of Insemination Cycles Number of Clinical Pregnancies Clinical Pregnancy per Cycle
<0.25 123 3 2.40%
0.25-0.49 180 5 2.80%
0.50-0.99 355 17 4.80%
1.00-1.99 904 62 6.90%
2.00-3.99 2463 249 10.10%
4.00-4.99 1465 166 11.30%
5.00-5.99 1499 186 12.40%
6.00-6.99 1676 230 13.70%
7.00-8.99 3257 479 14.70%
9.00-9.99 1621 274 16.90%
> 10.00 34010 5649 16.60%



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IUI Treatment in Lahore:  Panel of IUI Specialists.

  • Dr. Farooq Nasim Bhatti M.B.B.S(PK
    Diplomat: The American Board of Sexology (USA)
    CST(Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Kiren Khurshid Malik
    Associate Professor
    King Edward Medical University  


  • Dr. Sohail Hassan
    M.S(Urology) M.P. H, MMED
    Associate Professor
    Lahore General Hospital Lahore    



Comparison of recommendations of the intrauterine insemination (IUI) 
iui treatment in lahore


iui treatment cost in lahore 







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      We want to have baby boy. We already have 2 daughters.
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  1. i am 52 years old and my wife is 45 years old i am suffering imoptance low sperm count. My wife cycles are regular is it possible to have baby at this age of my wife. how many % will it be successfull.

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  5. My has band,s motility cell are100% dead .I am married since 9 years.his sperm count about 60 to 65% .I have no kids please tell us will we have got a child.. Please tell us i am from pindi. Please replay me.My husband’s age is 36 and my age is 32.

  6. My motility cells are 100% dead. Sperm count is about 60% . 9 years gone of my marriage life. My wife period cycle is normal but light. Please tell me that we will have kids.

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    Sir main ne IUI kraya tha but wo actopic pregnanacy ban gie tou kia mjy dobara IUI krana chahie q k mere pass ubi tk bchy nhe hy mere Age 33 hy shadi ko 10 years ho gie hy

  8. Hi sir i m 36.i have utress fibroid.its removed with liposcopy myomactomy but dr not fully clean my tummy.so i got infection lots of puss and blood they left in my tummy,so i go for another surgery laprotomy.in this surgery dr removed my right ovaray and left fallopin tube…can u tell me i got baby or not?in this remaing items.bcz they r not conect with each other.kindly asked dr if it possible i can visit him thanks

  9. Hi doctor. I want to ask about the risk factor for IUI treatment. Kindly explaine i search alot and found. Low baby weight. Multiple pregnency lead to miscarrage . Hyperovlation. Etc… Infection. And your clinic adress in lhr. Thanks

    1. sir I’m 32 year old I done ivf treatment in Islamabad last year but it was failed still I have no child plz tell me about ur charges

  10. Salam sir I’m 41years old ,I have harmonal problem since around 4 years .i take many medication ,but after medication ,the problem I face like prolong and heaven bleading and can not get pregnant .i have use lizra for conceiving but didn’t .what should do .some time a mild milk secreation also happen but with medication now ok .what u suggest

  11. Dear Sir – I am interested in IUI/PGD for baby boy, would you please mention the average cost of both treatments. Secondly i have 2 daughters at this moment and we both(husband and wife) are in normal condition, no complexities.

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  12. AOA,
    Respected Sir i am 26 years old and my total sperm 25% and 80% ded and marry time 1.4 years still no baby Please Sir iui total cost and appointment fee please tell me so i can arrange before ready for iui Thanks

  13. Sir my sperm count is 85 million/ml but good motile are only 10%. How much chances do i have ??
    And kindly inform about the cost as well

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    i have just 30% sluggish sperm. no active sperm seen in my semen test
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  20. Asalam o alaikum. I am married almost 13 years ago. I have a daughter which was borne after 5 years of marriage with some home remedy and then and a son after another 5 years using tab clomiphene. Now we want two more kids particularly male kids. We have tried tab clomiphene for three consecutive months then a month or two brake over a period of two years but all in vain. My sperm count is slightly on lower side.i.e 15 million/ml rest of the parameters are normal. I don’t know what to do further as i have also tried proviron tab for 2 months but no result. What else would you recommend for us?

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    Its me Riaz Hussain….
    Please give me all the details of IUI test IVF test and how much charges to be taken….
    We are going do IUI or IVF kindly told me about total cost of each…

  23. Dear Sir,

    I am 40 and my wife 36. I married in 2015 but she could not conceive even single time. We did almost all the tests and reports are normal alhamdo lillah but still not success. We live in UAE and doctor advised for IUI or IVF. As the treatment here is much expensive to bear.
    As we live outside country and cannot visit your clinini at the moment. Can you please look at our case and advise the procedure, cost, time duration for treatment, success rate and is it possible to have gender selection as well.

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